Mar 10 2011

30-365 Photo Slideshow

Here’s a quick slideshow I threw together with the photos I took during my 30-365 Photo Project. A little warning, it’s just over 9 minutes long. I guess a little late is better than never….

Feb 14 2011

30-365 | Favorite Photos

I figured I would post up a few of my favorite photos taken for my 30-365 Photo Project over the last year. I limited this post to the photos I took locally and not on my weekend trips to the desert or mountains, since I’ve posted those favorite photos plenty of times. Surprisingly, after going back through all of my photos, I realized they weren’t as bad as I thought they were. Enjoy!

Short Break in the Clouds

Fan Blades Expanded

Ready to Ride


Under Construction

LED Painting


Sprinkler Shower

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Feb 13 2011

Alphabet Soup

If you kept an eye on my 30-365 Photo Project over the last year, you may have noticed I took a photo of each letter of the alphabet at some point during the year. Here I have quickly compiled the full alphabet into a quick 35 second video.

Feb 10 2011

30-365 | Day 365

The Present II

Day 365. The last day. The day that felt like it would never come. Well, it’s here. I decided to finish off this photo project the same way I started it….with a black and white photo of the birthday present I bought for myself this year. Especially since this present will be my main camera in the field for a while… you’ll be seeing a lot of photos taken with it!

I’ll be going away this weekend for my birthday, but when I get back there will be a few more posts to finish off this 30-365 Photo Project, so keep a lookout for those!

Feb 9 2011

30-365 | Day 364

Western Screech Owl

I went with Jackson during our lunch break to take this photo of one of two Western Screech Owls in a tree at his parents house. Only one more day to go….