Jan 31 2009

Another new home

Got my 92 XJ moved over to the new house today, and was finally able to get it off my trailer. I have a bunch of work that needs to be done on my 2000 XJ first, so my old Jeep is going to have to sit outside behind the garage for a least a month or so…

Sep 21 2008

Made it home.

After spending over $800 this week on diesel, I have finally managed to get my other Jeep over here to Grand Junction. I also managed to get a few other tools and parts that I had to leave behind, too.

Loaded up for the trip home

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Sep 18 2008

92 XJ Loaded Up

Well, I got my 1992 Jeep Cherokee loaded onto my trailer today and ready to head back to Grand Junction on Saturday. I’m sure my parents are glad to finally have it out of their driveway 😉

Winching it up onto my trailer

Loaded up and ready to go

Sep 16 2008

Heading back to Illinois

Amanda and I are leaving after work this evening and driving back to Illinois. The main reason is that my sister is getting married on Friday, so I need to attend the wedding.

But another benefit of going back to Illinois is that I can pickup my 1992 XJ that I had to leave behind when i moved out here 😉 So I’ll be hauling an empty trailer back to IL and bringing back my other XJ. Unfortunately, once I get it back here it needs a lot of work and money thrown into it so I can get it back on the trails again….

Mar 15 2008

Final resting spot…..for now.

My dad helped my get my 1992 XJ over to their driveway this morning, where it will be staying for a while until I can get it out to Grand Junction later this year. Here’s a few pictures.