Feb 10 2009

They’re back!

It’s been almost a full year, but I finally have a garage again! When my dad came by this last weekend, he also brought some of my bigger tools that I had to leave back in Illinois when I left last March. He also helped me wire a couple of 220v outlets in the garage 🙂 Now I can get back to working on my Jeeps…

Working on the wiring for the 220v outlets

My drill press is back

So are my engine hoist and band saw

…and most importantly, my air compressor!

Now I have a ton of work to get done in the garage!

Jan 21 2007

Working in the cold wet snow sucks!

Working in the cold and wet snow sucks! Too bad Brian’s Jeep was too tall to fit in my garage.

Nope, not enough room

Guess we will work on it like that……the heater doesn’t work well with the door open

Detroit locker in

Brian cutting the new plate to cover up where the vacuum disconnect motor used to be

my jeep got to park out in the snow all morning

Dec 6 2006

New Bandsaw

Picked up this Harbor Freight bandsaw a few days ago…I may never use my chop saw again 🙂

Oct 12 2006

Mitech Cut 40 Plasma Cutter

My new plasma cutter showed up today. I can’t wait to try it out.

Oct 1 2006

Replacing the inner axle seals

I got to try out my new inner axle seal tool on my Dana 30, and it worked very well 🙂