Nov 20 2010

Saturday Preview…

Live from Blanding, here’s a few preview photos from today taken with my iPhone.

Apr 7 2010

Gone for a few…

I’m heading to Southern Utah bright and early tomorrow morning for a few days. Going to finally be checking out the Hole-in-the-Rock Trail. Since I won’t be back for a few days, there won’t be any 30-365 Project photos posted until I get back, but don’t worry, I’ll still be taking photos everyday so I can post them when I get home 🙂 My SPOT will be on, if you care to follow along.

If I have signal (should be in sight of Navajo Mountain much of the time), I may try posting some photos from my iPhone along the way as well. Full trip report with plenty of pictures when I return!

Feb 13 2010

Heading out…

The new Jeep is all loaded up and we are just about to head out to Capitol Reef National Park for the weekend….after a stop for some breakfast. When I was in Capitol Reef last October, I knew I wanted to get back and do some of the hikes as soon as I could. This will be the first real road trip we have taken in the new JK, so it should be fun.

Since I will be gone this weekend, the 30-365 photo project will have to wait to be updated until I get back, but don’t worry….as I’ll be taking the daily photos while we are at Capitol Reef 😉

Nov 22 2009

Quick Cedar Mesa Pics

Just a few iPhone pictures from this weekend to hold you over until I go through the rest of my photos later this week 🙂

Oct 11 2009

Two more from the road

Two more pics from Friday….until I have time to work on a full trip report…