Mar 10 2011

30-365 Photo Slideshow

Here’s a quick slideshow I threw together with the photos I took during my 30-365 Photo Project. A little warning, it’s just over 9 minutes long. I guess a little late is better than never….

Jan 25 2008

Mission Impossible Near Endo Video

Here’s an old video that I have been trying to get my hands on for a while. It’s from April 2007 when I went to Mission Impossible. Well, I finally got a copy thanks to Chris (xj4life).

So, here’s a short video of my almost endo coming off a large ledge. It sure felt much longer when I was in the drivers seat than while watching it in the video…..

<a href="">Download movie</a>

The full-sized version can be found here.

Apr 23 2007

Mission Impossible Video by fatwreck

Just added a video that Brian (fatwreck) made from our Mission Impossible trip. Check it out.

<a href="">Download movie</a>
Video in Gallery

Nov 20 2006

Video from Back Door at Johnson Valley

Here’s some videos from Back Door at Johnson Valley.

Cracker (13MB)

Goatman (10MB)

Scrappy (20MB)

Right click and choose ‘save as’

Jul 23 2006

Final IC on the Rocks Video

OK, finally got around to making a full video from the event, and here’s what I came up with. All video was taken by Ryan (DrMoab) and edited by me. Enjoy 🙂

<a href="">Download movie</a>