Nov 16 2012


Concurrent by Randy Langstraat (rlngstrt)) on
Concurrent by Randy Langstraat

Reflected light, lines and sandstone; some of my favorite subjects to photograph. When I first arrived at this interesting alcove on Saturday the reflected light was spectacular. I searched for a nice composition until I found this one, but as soon as I did the sun went behind a cloud. I had to wait a little while for the sun to appear again to get the nice light. It was worth the wait! I think this one will look good printed big on the wall in our house.

Nov 13 2012

Second Wave Storm

Second Wave Storm by Randy Langstraat (rlngstrt)) on
Second Wave Storm by Randy Langstraat

A snowstorm in the distance over the Second Wave formation in Coyote Buttes North. Just a little preview of my weekend down on the Paria Plateau.

Oct 31 2012

A La Mode

Warm evening light bathes the unique formation known as ‘The Swirl’ at The White Pocket on the Paria Plateau.

A La Mode by Randy Langstraat (rlngstrt) on
A La Mode by Randy Langstraat

Oct 27 2012


Chaos and a little order among a grove of aspen trees on the Grand Mesa in Colorado this fall season.

Chaos by Randy Langstraat (rlngstrt) on
Chaos by Randy Langstraat