Jan 24 2010

2000 XJ in the garage….

Just finished cleaning up the garage and pulled my 2000 XJ into there for the time being. Not sure when I will get started working on it, or how long it will take me……but it’a going to be in the garage for a while so I can fix a number of issues with it. Maybe even upgrade a few parts at the same time 😉

Hopefully I can get it out of the garage and back on the trails sometime this year….but we’ll see….

May 8 2009

Two more new tires…

Back in the fall, I ended up replacing two of the tires on my Jeep because they were in bad shape. I never did get around to replacing the other two, but the time has finally come. I just received my two new Maxxis Bighorns and will hopefully get them installed next week after my Kokopelli trip.

As you can see, it is time!

Apr 29 2009

Tired of my tilted Jeep

If you remember, a few weeks ago I broke a leaf spring in Moab on the White Rim Trail and had to replace it with a new one. With the new spring and the old saggy spring my Jeep has been a little crooked. I finally got sick of it and ended up ordering another new spring from Jason at JeepinOutfitters.

The leaf spring showed up today at my office. After a dentists appointment after work, I managed to get the new spring installed in about an hour. Now my Jeep is pretty much level again 🙂

New and old spring

Almost in

Apr 2 2009

Leaf spring…fixed

My new leaf spring did show up today…

..and I got it installed after work. Now that side of the Jeep sits a little higher than the other. We’ll see if I can break the new spring in this weekend in Moab 😉 I may have to buy another new spring to even things out in the next few weeks, but I guess I’ll see what happens…

Apr 1 2009

Ready for my new spring.

According to UPS, my new leaf spring is supposed to be here tomorrow. So to prepare, I went ahead and pulled out the old one after work today…