Mar 25 2009

Ready to explore!

Finally! New head gasket, oil pan, rear main seal, oil filter o-rings, front wheel bearing, driver’s seat, windshield and a fresh coat of paint on the front bumper……my Jeep is ready to hit the trails again. Time to get out and do a lot of exploring to make up for the last month!

Stay tuned for lots of photos 🙂

Mar 1 2009

Road Trip to Denver

Yesterday Amanda and I headed over the mountains to Denver to pick up a few parts for my Jeep. I got a good deal on them, so even though it costs me $60 in diesel, they were still worth the trip. We also got to eat at Friday’s while we were there 😉

I picked up a new driver’s seat, oil pan, motor mounts and bumpstops.

Feb 25 2009

Spare Tire Bike Rack

Here’s a little something for both my Jeep and my bike! I have been planning on getting a rack for my bike that will work with the spare tire carrier on my Jeep (so I can go exploring on my Jeep and bike in the same trip). I know my friend Alex in Albuquerque had some pictures of his Jeep with a similar setup, so I asked him about it. He told me that it was just collecting dust in his garage since he moved his spare tire inside the Jeep, so he offered it to me at a good price. I took him up on the offer, and it showed up yesterday. Looks like it will work great for me.

The rack is very easy to quickly install and take off, and keeps my bike high up off the ground, so I shouldn’t have any issues with it back there while I am exploring up to moderate trails.

Feb 21 2009

Into the garage…

Having neglected my Jeep for the past year because of a lack of a garage, it is time for me to get started fixing a few things before my exploring season really starts to pick up. I washed my Jeep today and pulled it into the new garage…where it will probably be for a couple of weeks…

I’ll be updating my progress as I go…

Dec 13 2008


I spent less than two hours this morning replacing the front coil springs on my Jeep that Rubicon Express sent me. My Jeep is now level again 🙂