Dec 8 2008

Rubicon Express Coil Springs

If you read this message from last week, you will remember that I had one of my springs break in Arch Canyon. When I got home I contacted Jason at JeepinOutfitters and he contacted Rubicon Express. I’m happy to report that they are standing behind their product and have sent me replacement springs, which showed up today 🙂

…guess what I’ll be doing this weekend.

Nov 30 2008


Hopefully Rubicon Express will replace this coil spring under their ‘limited lifetime warranty’ We had a little bit of carnage on Arch Canyon today.

We were able to drive home just fine, except for the fact that my front passenger side sits a little lower now 🙂

I spoke with Jason at Jeepin Outfitters (I bought them from him) and he is going to talk to Rubicon Express about a warranty replacement. I’ll update with the status.

Nov 22 2008

Bye Bye Roof Rack

The time has come. I have had my Surco roofrack on both of my Cherokee’s for over 5 years now. It has taken a number of beatings over the years and was starting to fall apart pretty good…especially after my little incident at Canyonlands National Park last month:

My biggest issue with removing it, was finding a new location for my front license plate, since Colorado requires one…

I found a company called Roc Dog Fabriactions that makes a hawse fairlead license plate bracket, so I figured I would give it a try.

It has inserts that push securely into the hawse fairlead:

Bracket mounted to fairlead:

…and the license plate mounted up:

When I get off the pavement, I can just pull off the whole bracket and throw it in the back of my Jeep.

…and finally, here’s a picture of my Jeep without the roof rack again 🙂

Nov 22 2008

Lube Locker Gaskets Installed

I took some time this afternoon and changed the gear oil in my differentials. I also got to try out the new Lube Locker gaskets I bought last week.

I have been sick and tired of cleaning and using RTV every time I needed to work on my axles, and am hoping these gaskets work better for me.

Here’s the Chrysler 8.25 gasket on my RuffStuff cover:

So far, I really liked how easy and clean these gaskets are to install…..and there are no leaks yet. I’m hoping these gaskets are up to the task in the long run. I’ll be sure to update here in the future with my long term results 🙂

Nov 20 2008


I’ve been sick of using RTV to seal up my differentials for a while. I finally decided to give the LubeLocker gaskets a try. They have got some good reviews and seem to be worth it.

I’m hoping to get them installed on Saturday 🙂