Jan 15 2012

Jeep Sunrise

Jeep Sunrise

As I was driving to Moab this morning, I saw there was going to be a nice sunrise. I quickly looked for an interesting setting to take a photo from, but came up with nothing. So I found a dirt road, pulled off the highway and put my Jeep in the foreground.

Jan 20 2011

My 2010 JK’s First Year

Well, as of today, I have owned my 2010 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon for a full year. If you recall, I bought it last January as my 30th Birthday Present to myself.

When I test drove it, it only had 9 miles on it and then 15 when I bought it. As of yesterday, it now has 25,850 miles! I have done a lot of driving and exploring this last year.

My JK has helped me take many adventures over the last year, and here’s a few of the many photos I took this year with my Jeep!


Dirty Jeep
Dirty Jeep

Roller Coaster
Roller Coaster

Dinosaur Track and Jeep
Dinosaur Track and Jeep

Richardson Amphitheater
Richardson Amphitheater

Getting Air by Alex Himes

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Apr 16 2010


Well, my new license plates finally showed up today 🙂

Apr 3 2010

Front Bumper – Winch – Rubi Skid

Well, it ended up taking me a little longer than I had planned, but I just buttoned everything up on the front of my JK this morning. Got the ExpeditionOne front bumper and Rubi Skid installed, and then got my Warn 9.5ti bolted into the bumper with the synthetic rope from my XJ.

The ‘before’ picture…

Front air dam thingy removed

Stock bumper gone

‘Bash bar’ cut off. I guess I am crazy enough to cut a piece of metal off of my 2 month old Jeep….

Front bumper bolted on

Winch in

Rubi skid installed

Lights and rope on…all done!

Now that that’s done, I’m hoping to take it out exploring tomorrow….just not sure where yet….

Mar 31 2010

Picked up in Moab

I headed down to Moab right after work today so I could pick up my new ExpeditionOne front bumper and Rubi skid 🙂

If all goes well, I hope to have the bumper, skid and winch on before the weekend!