Apr 10 2009

Easter Jeep Safari Weekend

I have the day off from work and am leaving shortly for Moab. I’ll be checking on the vendor show this morning for a while and then heading south of Moab for the rest of the weekend to do some exploring 🙂

I’ll have my SPOT on again, but I probably will not turn it on until after the vendor show later this morning. So check back a little later if you’d like to see where I am.

Hopefully I will have plenty of photos when I get home, so keep on the lookout for those in a few days 😉

Oct 3 2008

Headed to Moab!

That’s right! Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I am heading out for Moab. This first weekend I am meeting up with Alex and Jared to do some exploring in the Needles district of Canyonlands National Park. Then next week and the following weekend I will be participating in NAXJA’s 25th Anniversary Event. I’m going to try and post a few pictures over the next week when I can, so check back. I’ll also try to update my Twitter when I can.

Here’s a picture of my Jeep ready to head out. Yes, I have two spare tires….I want to make sure I make it through the next nine days without any problems 🙂

Sep 15 2008

NAXJA’s 25th Anniversary of the Jeep Cherokee in Moab, UT

Just wanted to point out that NAXJA is holding the 25th Anniversary of the Jeep Cherokee (XJ) in Moab, Utah next month. The event takes place from October 6th through the 12th. I am planning on heading down there on October 4th and staying through the whole event. During the week there will be a number of trail rides, a show and shine and a big dinner with a raffle.

At the raffle, NAXJA will be giving away a well-built Jeep Cherokee. For more information on the event, check out the event forum on NAXJA located here.

I attended the 20th Anniversary event back in 2003 and had a great time! I’m really looking forward to this one 🙂

Oct 28 2007

Chili For Charity (For The Heine’s Education Fund)

This event will be held at The Cliffs Insane Terrain on November 23rd. I hope to see you there!

This year it will be held at Cliffs Insane Terrain Offroad park on Friday November 23, 2007, which features our famous Mild and Wild Chili, LOL maybe not famous but it’s good. This is a fantastic event, with great food, great people and of course a great cause. This year the benefactor of this charity event is for a fallen fellow wheeler and friend of the Jeeping community Nozzleram “Doug”. All proceeds will go to The Heine’s Education Fund for his daughters Madeline, and Margaret Heine’s of Leesburg, IN.
So come on out and enjoy some good warm food and know that your hard earned money is going to a good cause.

Click above flyer for bigger version.