Jan 20 2010

Goodbye Tow Rig

Well, I finally got rid of my F-350 today. It served me well when I needed it, but since I no longer tow my Jeep anymore it has just been sitting unused in the driveway for way too long.

Nov 21 2007

New Oil Pan for the F-350

After doing the first oil change on my new F-350 a few weeks ago, I noticed that the oil pan was very rusty….to the point that I was worried that it would start leaking soon. Since I only had 82,000 miles on the truck, I knew it should have been covered under the 5 year / 100,000 mile warranty, I figured that I would bring it to the dealer and get it replaced. I sure as hell didn’t want to have to pull the engine just to replace the oil pan.

Anyways, after dropping my truck off at the dealer on Monday, I got to pick it up today with a new oil pan installed. Only cost me the $100 one-time deductible 🙂 Glad I got a Powerstroke that was still under warranty 😉

Oct 20 2007

First Tow

Wanted to make sure my truck and trailer was ready to tow my Jeep in a few weeks when I head downstate… so I hooked up the trailer, loaded up my Jeep and took it for a spin. Everything seems to be working well, so I should be ready to head down South in a few weeks 🙂

Here’s a few pics:

The only part that kind of sucks now, is my truck is too long to maneuver the trailer in and out of it’s spot in the alley behind my house…..so the Jeep has to do that part.

Oct 17 2007

Routine Stuff

Going to be doing some routine maintenance and misc. stuff to my new truck this weekend so it’s ready to tow in 2 weeks…and I got a few things today 🙂

Floor mats since my truck didn’t come with any. Drop hitch with ball. Shell Rotella oil for my first change. Rear splash shield (one was missing). Spare CPS.

…and finally, I got a fuel filter and one of these tools from PowerStrokeShop.com to make chaning the fuel filter easier.

Sep 29 2007

De-Bling the F-350

Here’s some pics after I de-blinged it today 😉

I picked some parts up from the dealer I bought it from today…they promised me to replace a few things that were broken or missing

After replacing those, I moved on to the de-chrome phase

Also got rid of those FX4 stickers

Finally I got rid of the very dark tint on the front windows. Not only do I not want to get pulled over…..I couldn’t see out of them at night

the leftovers

I think it looks much better 🙂