Mar 10 2008

Left behind.

Since I will be moving to a place that does not have a garage next week, I am forced to leave my 1992 XJ behind for now. I am hoping to get it out to Colorado later in the year, but that all depends if I can find a place for it.

Seven days until Amanda and I leave 🙂

Dec 6 2007

Shackle Hanger Progress

A little progress on my new shackle hangers tonight.

You’ll just have to wait to see how they are mounted on the XJ 😉

Dec 2 2007

The new rear ‘frame’

Just a picture of the new rear ‘frame’

Dec 1 2007

Rear crossmember/bumper

Finally got back to working on my old XJ. Managed to finish the rear crossmember/bumper.

Fits right between the framerails.

Oct 20 2007

Progress on the plating….

Got a little more progress complete on my rear frame plating this evening 🙂