Oct 15 2007

A little after work cutting

Just did a little cutting this evening…

…and a little test fitting.

Oct 13 2007

Progress from today…

Worked a little on the crawler again today.

Getting rid of those shackle boxes is a pain in the ass

Cut up my old bumper and wedged it almost into place for a test fit

Bye bye tire carrier…

Oct 6 2007

Fun with the Plasma Cutter

Started today by cutting out the stock rear crossmember.

Cleaned up the end of the framerails

….and started plating the rear framerails

Oct 3 2007

Dropped Tank

Got that gas tank out of there so I can do a lot of cutting and welding in the area. Also so I can move it higher 😉

Sucks that I spilled a bunch of gas on me, but oh well….

Rear axle is also gone for now. Hope to start cutting by the end of the week 🙂

Oct 1 2007

Project: ‘Intrepid Crawler’ Begins

Well, it’s time to start the fifth phase of my 1992 XJ, as it continues to evolve into a more capable rock crawler. It’s been sitting for way too long in my garage without much attention while I got my 2000 XJ built up.

My goal is to have it ready sometime early next year to hit the trails again….hopefully in time for WinterFest 2008, if not sooner. I just received my first batch of steel, so I am already on my way…

I’m not going to go into details on what I have planned yet, so you will just have to watch and see 😉