Feb 8 2011

30-365 | Day 363


We woke to up 5 inches of snow in Grand Junction this morning. I took this photo of a cone buried in the new snow in the Main Street construction area this morning during my break.

Feb 7 2011

30-365 | Day 362

Many Reflections

Just a fun picture I took downtown today. I was walking by this bank and noticed my reflection in all of the windows, so I took a picture of it.

Feb 6 2011

30-365 | Day 361

Plateau Creek Petroglyphs

I headed up to the Grand Mesa area with my friend Jackson for a few hours this afternoon. Along the way I stopped at this Ute petroglyph panel that is unfortunately pretty vandalized. This is the first rock art site I have visited near the Grand Mesa, though.

Feb 5 2011

30-365 | Day 360

Flying Squirrels

On my way to Indian Creek and Shay Canyon, I stopped by Newspaper Rock so I could use my new 100-400mm lens to isolate some of the petroglyphs. Here’s a small portion with two flying squirrel petroglyphs.

Feb 4 2011

30-365 | Day 359

Sacred Images

I got this book the other day when I got my new camera lens. I had passed up getting this book many times before, but now that I have actually read through it, I wish I hadn’t waited so long to get it. It was a very interesting read, plus there are a number of great photos throughout it!