Jun 20 2009

Silver and Sawdust

It’s been a while since I have added a new book to my library. So after having a funnel cake in Silverton this afternoon, I stopped in one of the shops and picked up Silver & Sawdust: Life in the San Juans by Ken Reyher.

Now I have something new to read again 😉

Apr 28 2009

Book Cliffs & Hiking around Grand Junction…more books

Two more books I picked up recently…one for some local hikes and another for some information on a few canyons in the Book Cliffs.

Grand Junction Hiking Guide by Steve Kolarick

A Recreation Guide to the Book Cliffs – Thompson, Sego, Sagers and Crescent Canyons by Chris Moore

Apr 24 2009

Colorado and Utah Place Names

I spend a lot of time researching why land features have the name that they do. Some are easy to figure out because of their shape, but there are a lot of place names I come across that are not as easy. While doing some research a few weeks ago, I ran across these two books which contained a lot of the information I have spent much time seeking in the past. These two books should help me out greatly 🙂

Utah Place Names by John W. Van Cott

1001 Colorado Place Names by Maxine Benson

Apr 13 2009

Native Roads

I added a new book to my ever-growing library this weekend when I stopped at the Edge of the Cedars Museum on Saturday.

Native Roads: The Complete Motoring Guide to the Navajo and Hopi Nations by Fran Kosik

Mar 26 2009

Coyote’s History of Moab

I received this harder to find book the other day; Coyote’s History of Moab written by Jose Knighton.