Sep 24 2009

Hiking & Exploring Utah’s Henry Mountains and Robbers Roost

When I got my new wide angle lens the other day, it also came with another book I also got from Amazon. I picked up the new Kelsey book with information on hiking in the Henry Mountains and Robber’s Roost that came out over the summer. There’s also a section on the life and legend of Butch Cassidy included.

Sep 20 2009

Two more books…

While we were at the Colorado National Monument today, I just couldn’t help myself and picked up two more books from the visitor center 🙂

First I got Roadside Guide to Indian Ruins & Rock Art of the Southwest by Gordon and Cathie Sullivan.

Second was It Happened in Colorado by James Crutchfield

Sep 17 2009

Comb Ridge and Its People: The Ethnohistory of a Rock

If you’ve read my blog here for any amount of time, you might have noticed that Comb Ridge is a favorite place that Amanda and I like to explore. We usually make a trip there in the spring and late fall at the least.

When I came across this book on Amazon, I just had to pick it up. I skimmed through it a little today, and there looks to be a lot of good information in it. I can’t wait to read it 🙂

Comb Ridge and Its People: The Ethnohistory of a Rock by Robert McPherson

Aug 24 2009

John Otto: Trials and Trails

While hiking at the Colorado National Monument yesterday I decided to stop off at the visitor center and pickup another book. There was an article based on this book in the Grand Junction Free Press last week that interested me, so I figured I’d get the full book: John Otto: Trials and Trails by Alan J. Kania.

Aug 14 2009

Antoine Robidoux and Fort Uncompahgre

This is the only book I picked up on this entire trip, and I got it from the Great Sand Dunes National park visitor center store. It should be an interesting read for me when I find the time 🙂

A few weeks back I found an inscription left by Antione Robidoux in the Book Cliffs: