May 4 2010

The Great Sand Dunes

This last Thursday was Amanda’s birthday, so she got to choose where we went last weekend. After getting a taste of The Great Sand Dunes last August, she wanted to head back while Medano Creek was flowing. Since she ended up having Friday off from work, I ended up taking the day off as well, and we made our way down to Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve.

We took the scenic route through Lake City and Creede via Colorado 149. Along the way we stopped at the North Clear Creek Falls. We were greeted with a closed seasonal gate, so we parked the Jeep and hiked to the falls.

Before reaching Creede, we spotted a few Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep along the road. I’ve never managed to get a photo of one before, so I had to stop.

Soon we reached Alamosa and checked into our hotel and grabbed an early dinner. We were glad we got a hotel this trip as the weather was not the best and we were glad not to be camping in the cold. After dinner we headed out to the dunes to catch the sunset.

Medano Creek was flowing

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