Yet another day on the Uncompahgre

Amanda had to go into work today so I decided to head up onto the Uncompahgre and finish some trails I have started before and to check out a few new ones. I made a big loop by starting out in Escalante Canyon and following it up onto Love Mesa where I eventually joined Divide Road. I headed down the other side of the plateau through Casto Draw and made my way to Gateway. After fueling up, I headed up Sheep Creek and onto the Dolores Triangle. After looping around through Granite Creek, I headed back home through Glade Park.

It was a good day, and there was even some sun out at times today 😉 As usual, here’s some photos.

H.A. Smith’s cabin

Escalante Canyon

Love Mesa

Headed down Casto Draw

Along the Dolores

Headed towards Sheep Creek

There were a number of small and tight switchbacks at the top

Steamboat Mesa and the La Sals

Left to Moab (if the Dolores were crossable now)…

Another great day exploring the Uncompahgre 🙂

One Response to “Yet another day on the Uncompahgre”

  • Bill & Kim Says:

    Wonderful photos. We look forward to nailing down the route and taking the same adventure. Looks so much like what we love…