Winter Camp Slot, Sego Canyon & More

Sunday, October 31, 2010 (Halloween)

On Sunday I was on my own again and didn’t want to get too far from home. I decided to head over into Utah to do some more exploring around the Yellow Cat and Highlands areas just north of Arches National Park. I started out by checking out a few trails around Lost Spring Canyon before making my way over to Winter Camp Ridge. In the spring I had started to look for a short slot canyon in the area, but didn’t have the time to complete the search. This time I knew exactly where I was going and took the short hike down into the Winter Camp slot canyon.

Different color on each wall of the slot

After finishing up the hike I had a quick lunch and then headed north towards the Book Cliffs.

View across Sagers Flat with the La Sal Mountains in the background

It seems that I end up visiting the Sego Canyon pictographs and petroglyphs about once a year, so I figured I would keep up the tradition…

Some Barrier style pictographs

A few Ute pictographs

Fremont petroglyphs

On my way back through Thompson Springs, I noticed an old abandoned motel along the road, so I stopped to take a few photos…

I see you

The old Thompson railroad station

Headed towards Pinon Mesa along the old highway

The layers of the Book Cliffs

I made it home shortly before it got dark out and in time to not have any trick-or-treaters stop by our house all night.