Upper Quarter / Corner Guards & Tail Lights

This article isn’t a normal “how to” but more of a step by step process on how I built these corners for my XJ. It’s mainly to help give you ideas and help on building your own corner protection.

After smashing up one of the rear quarters pretty good when I was out in Colorado, coupled with the fact that I was cutting my roof off in the back, I thought it would be a good idea for some quarter protection (and to cover up the existing damage).
At the same time, I was planning on getting rid of my tail light boxes, as they stuck out too far for my liking (since I no longer was running a hatch), and they kept getting peeled back when dragged along rocks and trees.

I figured it would be a good idea to combine the upper quarter protection with my new tail lights. Not only would it look pretty cool and be strong, it would also keep everything tight to the body of my XJ and smooth, so nothing would get cought up on a rock or tree.

I started out by ordering the upper quarter guards from Chris at Performance Metal Works, and bolting them up to the body. I then took some 1/8″ plate, cut it to size and tack welded it up where I wanted it.

Once I was sure everything was lined up, I welded a bead along the outside corner, and then used a flap-disk to grind it down smooth.

Next, I took the complete corner off, and welded the inside corner for added strength.

Next came the paint.

Last I got out my drill with a 4.5″ hole saw, and cut the holes for my tail lights.

…..and the final product.

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