Silverton to Animas Forks – Part II

Burns Gulch was our last side trip before reaching Animas Forks.

The trail up to Burns Gulch

Burns Gulch

The trail passed a few mine shafts

End of the road

Animas Forks off in the distance

Lots of flowing water in this gulch

Headed back down

Before heading back towards Silverton to finish the last trail along the Animas Forks Road we hadn’t been on, we stopped at Animas Forks again to take some more photos. Here’s a few…

Before heading back to Silverton, we had one more trail to explore. This one was right outside Silverton and headed up Swansea Gulch. It turns out the most interesting parts of this trail were right at the beginning, but it was still a nice steep drive to the sudden end of the trail.

Much of the trail looked like this. It was steep much of the way and never got above tree line, so there were no good views down onto Silverton.

The one open spot near the end of the trail

Lackawanna Mill with Silverton in the background

Animas River

After having dinner at Romero’s we still had a little daylight left, so we headed up to Clear Lake.

Amanda took this one

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