Signed up for Powderhorn’s Learn to Ride Series

Last week I called Powderhorn Resort and signed up for their Learn to Ride Series which is 3 days of lessons which includes the lift and rentals. After completing the three sessions, you then get a season pass for the rest of the year. It looks like a really good deal for a first time skier.

I figure since I live in Colorado, I should try skiing to see if I like it 🙂 I’m really looking forward to it.

I’ll be hitting the slopes for the first time on January 1-3, 2010. A good way to start the year. I’m working on getting in better shape over the next month, so I’m not too sore after three intensive days!

4 Responses to “Signed up for Powderhorn’s Learn to Ride Series”

  • Clay Says:

    Good for you, I have lived in Colorado all of my life and tried skiing once in High School (1977) and haven’t tried again.
    Wow I just was glancing at your twitter update column, I am also Alpine Paradise and yes I have just started working for Dave of Dave’s Mt Tours as a Snowmobile guide in Telluride. I have worked for Dave during the summer as a 4×4 guide for many years in the San Juans but am now trying the winter gig. He has this one sled called a Phaser made by Yamaha that when you peg it lifts the skis about 6 inches off the ground. My upper body is sore from just hanging on.
    Dave has a awesome spot to go sledding so let me know if you want to give it a try.
    I was also going to recommend a new restaurant opening up at Powderhorn this year called The Skiers Union, I personally guarantee you will have the best Burger of you life, or try one of there Philly Cheese Steaks.
    Like your blog will put this on my Favs list.

  • IntrepidXJ Says:

    Thanks for the reply Clay. Sounds like the snowmobile guide might be a good winter gig for you.

    I’m definitely interested in going sledding sometime this winter…..I was originally looking to buy a used sled this winter, but have decided to put that off for now while I save up for some other stuff.

    When I head up to Powderhorn, I’ll grab a burger from the new restaurant. I love a good burger 🙂

  • Powderhorn Says:

    Thanks for taking advantage of the Learn To series! Hope you enjoy it, let us know how it goes!

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