San Juan Triangle Tour 2009: Saturday

It seems that both Jan and I are early risers when we are out exploring, so we got our camp packed up and finished the drive up into Silver Basin on Saturday morning.

View as the sun came up in Silver Basin

This pond was all reflection this early in the morning

Two-track in Silver Basin

A recent structure that was sitting at the end of the road??

Jan heading up

View from the end of the trail

After heading back down to Camp Bird Road again, we made our way to the highway and started up Mineral Creek to get to Engineer Pass.

Jan at Oh! Point

Engineer Pass.

Instead of going all the way to Lake City, we decided to head back down and take the North Fork of the Animas River to Animas Forks

After checking out Animas Forks, we headed up California Gulch. I stopped to photograph this boiler.

Jan continued up to the pass

We stopped at Lake Como on the other side for some lunch

After lunch we made our way over Hurricane Pass

Lake Como in the background

I wanted to fill up my gas tank at this point, so we took Cement Creek Road into Silverton. After I filled up and we toured the town, we made our way back up to Corkscrew Pass.

When we reached the highway we headed towards Red Mountain Pass and took the quick trip through the Red Mountain Mining District.

Yankee Girl

We found our campsite on the road to US Basin

When it got dark out, I decided to have a little fun with my camera, long exposures and a flashlight…