Pre-97 Rear Custom4x4 Bumper on 97+

OK, nothing big here, but I do know people have asked about this in the past, so I figured I’d post some pics of what I did, in case they can help someone else in the future 🙂

Anyways, when my 92 was still in decent shape, I was running a Custom4x4Fabrication rear bumper with tire carrier. Now that I have a 2000, I decided to install that bumper on my new rig…..good thing I kept it around 😉

Really, the only problem is the end caps. The hatch is wider on the 97+ so you can’t open the hatch with the old style bumper unless you modify it. I have seen someone bend the corners of the hatch to make it work, but I really didn’t like that idea. Instead I just cut down the end caps a little.

The bumper:

after i cut

test fit with some strap tacked in place



done. nice fit

sorry, dark pic

That’s all there is to it!

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