Out of the Heat & Into the Mountains!

With temperatures over 100 degrees in Grand Junction this weekend, we headed up into the mountains for some cooler temperatures. We made our way south to Silverton before heading over Stony Pass. After stopping to find a geocache along the small Rio Grande, we headed for Kite Lake.

Kite Lake was a nice place to stop for some lunch

An old cabin on the shore of Kite Lake

Headed back towards Stony Pass

Before reaching Cunningham Gulch, we took the short side trip to the Buffalo Boy Mine

Cabin along the way

Buffalo Boy

Headed back down to Silverton

After a stop to fuel up in Silverton again, we headed up Kendall Mountain to find a campsite for the night

On our way to Deer Park

Magic school bus in Deer Park?

Headed up Kendall Gulch

Nice view over Swansea Gulch

Road to nowhere

…and I do mean nowhere! It just ended on the side of the mountain with nowhere to turn around. I had to back up on the narrow shelf road a little ways before I could turn around.

But before turning around, we were treated to a nice view down on Silverton and Anvil Mountain

Headed back down after finding a spot to turn around

Back into Kendall Gulch

A quick stop at the Titusville Mine

On our way back to camp for the night

After a good nights sleep with great weather, we packed up camp and headed down to Silverton again

Found a few geocaches along the way and stopped at this old boxcar that was parked along the road

Before starting on our way home, we headed south a little further to check out Old Lime Creek Road

The stone work was done my the CCC in the 1930’s

When we finished the loop we headed back north again just past Ridgway and turned off towards Owl Creek Pass

When we finished the trail we hopped on US 50 which would take us back home to some nice 103 degree temperatures 🙂