My Upper Rear Shock Mount Fix

After replacing the rear shocks on 3 different XJ’s before (much older than my 2000) I had only broken one upper bolt before, so I really wasn’t too worried about breaking any on my 2000. Was I wrong! I broke all 4 trying to remove them.

Instead of trying to drill out the broken bolts, or punch out the wled nut, I decided to build new mounts instead.

I had these tabs lying around from RuffStuff that I never used, so I figured I’d put them to use here.

So I went to the hardware store and got some metal sleeves that fit inside the bushings on my shocks alogn with some new bolts.

Then I cut a piece of 3/16″ flat stock to length.

Fit it up.

Then welded them up.

….and last I welded the new mount over the old one (Please ignore the crappy looking welds, I really suck at welding upside down). Fixed!

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