My Campsites of 2012

Since I’m pretty sure my camping season is over for this year, I thought it would be fun to share photos of some of my campsites. I ended up camping 41 nights this year which is well over a month spent sleeping out in the backcountry. I’m looking forward to trying to beat that number in 2013. Two of those nights were spent sleeping out under the stars on my Tent Cot without the tent part setup, which was a first for me.

Morning Camp
Muley Point, April 2012

Dominguez Camp
Big Dominguez Canyon, April 2012

Peekaboo Camp
Peekaboo, May 2012

Gray Copper Camp
Gray Copper Gulch, June 2012

Good Morning
Cottonwood Canyon, July 2012

Stevens Gulch Camp
Stevens Gulch, July 2012

Paradise Camp
Paradise Divide, July 2012

Morning Camp
Clear Lake, August 2012

Lower Ice Camp
Lower Ice Lake Basin, August 2012

Taylor Camp
Taylor Lake, August 2012

Hancock Camp
Hancock Lakes, August 2012

Rattlesnake Camp Sunrise
Rattlesnake Canyon, August 2012

Black Rocks Morning
Black Rocks, August 2012

Saddle Mountain Camp
Saddle Mountain, September 2012

Mineral Creek Camp
Mineral Creek, September 2012

Kebler Camp
Kebler Pass, September 2012

Vista Point Camp
Vista Point, September 2012

Vermilion Camp
Grand Staircase, October 2012

Morning View
Alstrom Point, October 2012

Alstrom Point Camp
Alstrom Point, October 2012

Wet Camp
Cedar Mesa, October 2012

As you can see from the photos above, I managed to use all 4 of our tents this year, multiple times. Nothing beats my Kamp-Rite Tent Cot for camping out of my Jeep when I am alone, but the new Big Agnes Jupiter’s Cabin is nice and roomy when Amanda is with me. I also got to use my Big Agnes Copper Spur UL1 a couple of times, which is great for my backpacking trips. We both still like the Kelty Grand Mesa 4, but it’s seen better days since it’s our oldest tent. We might pick up a new one to replace it for next year since it still is pretty useful to us.