Installing Rear Dana 44 Bearings & Seals

After receiving my Alloy USA Chromoly Shafts from my rear Dana 44, I had to install the bearings and seals that were included with them. These shafts came with everything you need, except the retainer plates, which you can take from your current shafts if need be. I am keeping my current shafts for trail spares, which means I had to go to the dealer and pickup some new retainer plates. Also, don’t forget that XJ and TJ retainer plates are different, so m ake sure to get the right ones.

First thing that goes on the shaft is the retainer plate. Don’t forget this, otherwise you will be kicking yourself later when you have to remove everything else to get the plate on.

Next comes the seal. This one can be easily pushed on the shaft with your hands.

Now it’s time to press the bearings on.

Generally, the bearings are pressed on with a press, but I was being lazy and did not feel like driving to my friend’s shop with a press. SO I went ahead and found a pipe that had an inside diameter of 1.5″ and was about 48″ long which worked out perfectly. I then put the pipe over the shaft and rested it on the bearing.

Next I took my trusty sledge hammer and punded the bearing on. The bearings only took a few good whacks with the hammer before seating fully.

Next comes the retainer ring.

I installed this one the same way as the bearings, however, it took much longer and a lot more effort. After some determination and a sore arm, it did finally seat all the way.

That’s it. All that is left to do is to install the new wheel studs and install the shaft.

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