Independence Day Weekend in the Flat Tops

This weekend Amanda and I headed up into the Flat Tops to explore an area we hadn’t been to yet. We started in Dotsero and headed up Coffee Pot Road, following a number of side roads to see where they went. We made a large loop that brought us next to the Flat Tops Wilderness area and to Adam’s Lake, before making our way back to Heart Lake. We setup camp on the shore of Bison Lake for the night. The next morning we checked out the Grizzly Jeep Trail and then made our way down to Glenwood Springs via the Transfer Trail. Here’s a few photos from the weekend.

Headed to the Deep Creek Overlook

View over Deep Creek

Following the little used Coffee Pot Corral Road

Big storm cloud rolling it. It rained for a little bit until this cloud blew over

Ten Mile Park

The Jack Springs Road ended at a nice overlook, where we stopped for lunch.

Stopped at Heart Lake

Camp at Bison Lake

Following the Flat Tops Wilderness Area boundary

The very scenic Adams Lake

Bison Lake…if you look closely you can see our camp.

Tiles of rock I came across while out searching for a geocache near camp.

Grizzly Jeep Trail

Haypress Lake along the Transfer Trail

An interesting sign we came across…

Windy Point over No Name Canyon

View down over Glenwood Springs

We made it back home with plenty of time to grab some dinner before heading out to watch the fireworks show on Sunday night. It was another good weekend, and we were happy to find that this area was not as crowded as some others we have gone to on the 4th of July weekends of the past. We will definitely be back to explore some more!