That’s the code for our first hidden geocache named ‘Delicate View’. It was just approved this evening and is now ready to be found. Check it out here:

As I mentioned in the previous post, one of my goals for this year was to hide a geocache. I’ve been slowing finding them for the last couple of years but had never hid one. I guess my main reason for not hiding one before, is because I wanted to put one in a great location. This one is located on Winter Camp Ridge which is just north of Arches National Park. The view from the end of the road is outstanding. Now we are just curious how long it will be until someone heads out that way to find it…

Here’s a few photos from yesterday while we were out hiding it.

View from the cache. Yep, you can see the top of Delicate Arch from here.

Great views over the sandstone bowl/canyon

The ‘little used’ road to get there