Garmin Oregon 400t GPS

I finally picked up a new handheld GPS. I had a little bonus on my last paycheck and decided to upgrade my GPS mainly for a better geocaching experience. In the past I have used my Magellan CrossoverGPS and AT&T Tilt for geocaching, but I was never completely satisfied with either solution. The CrossoverGPS required that I also used an old Compaq iPaq PDA for paperless caching, which was a pain. The Tilt worked much better, but the battery life on my phone while using the GPS was really bad.

I ended up getting the new Garmin Oregon 400t and think it will work out much better for me….not only with geocaching, but also for keeping tracks of the trails I explore in my Jeep and on foot. I’ll keep you updated on how well it works out for me 🙂