Colorado Adventure 2010 | Complete Index

Here’s the full trip report index from my Colorado Adventure 2010.


Day 1 | August 25, 2010

The Cochetopa Hills

Day 2 | August 26, 2010

“Boy, she’s a bonanza!”

Day 4 | August 28, 2010

La Plata Mountains

2 Responses to “Colorado Adventure 2010 | Complete Index”

  • Roy Says:

    Hi – I am heading out west for a month – Jul 20 – Aug 20. I am shipping my jeep out – rubi, 35s, winch, plates.etc and am looking for maybe a guide that takes out 4-5 jeeps at a time into the back country… san juans/ouray, moab, etc (been her 4-5 times)… or just all day rides. I know Bill Burke but has nothing going on at the time. Do you have any ideas or resources that offer guided tour services? My Wife and I LOVE offroading, Jamborees, the people… please help. Thanks – Roy

  • Randy Langstraat Says:

    Sorry, since I do all of my exploring of the backroads on my own, I have never even looked into a guide before….so I’m not much help there. Personally, I’d just recommend you get a guidebook or two and head out on your own.