Colorado Adventure 2009 – Wise Mountain & North Fork of the Swan

After taking a right I headed back up the Middle Fork of the Swan. The skies were much clearer today so I took some more photos along this trail…

When I got up top, I found a few more Mountain Goats.

I took the short side trip to the Hall Valley Overlook

Watch where you step….or drive…

Hikers coming up through the snow

Good view of Red Cone

Next stop was Wise Mountain

Cabin on Wise Mountain

Mine shaft near the cabin.

Another mine on the way down

Soon I reached the North Fork of the Swan River.

There were a lot of old cabin ruins along this route.

This one had a nice big tree growing in the middle.

Some more mining ruins along the way, too.

End of the trail.

Next I turned around and headed back to Tiger Road. I stopped a few miles before reaching Breckenridge to check out one of the old dredge boats in a small pond near the road.

I ended up heading back to Frisco early to meet Amanda, as she would be joining me for the last weekend on the trip.

That’s all for Day 7. Day 8 still to come…