Colorado Adventure 2009 – Mosquito Pass

After reaching Leadville via Hangerman Pass, there was still some daylight yet, and I felt like making the trek over Mosquito Pass….so we headed east on 7th St. and made our way towards the 13,185 foot pass.

Passed some old mining ruins along the way to the pass.

Headed towards Mosquito Pass.

Rocky switchback.

Narrower road near the top.

I liked the reflection in my windshield in this photo.

The mandatory photo of the sign.

Headed down towards Alma Junction.

Shadows growing long.

The sun hidden behind the mountain

A familiar name on old mining equipment at the North London Mill

Once we reached alma Junction, we hopped on the pavement and made our way to Nathrop. Surprisingly we made it to Chalk Creek Campground and got our tent and campsite setup just before it got completely dark out. It was a long first day, but we enjoyed it.

Day 2, to be continued…