Colorado Adventure 2009 – Santa Fe Peak, Glacier Ridge & Deer Creek

After making it to Montezuma I took a right and started climbing the many switchbacks to Santa Fe Peak.

Just getting out of the trees

Climbing higher

Looking back

If you look closely, you can see a number of the switchbacks

Off-camber section…it’s a long way down

Near the end of the trail

Headed back down

View of the trail from near the top

After heading back down to Montezuma again, I decided to run the Saints John, Glacier Ridge and Deer Creek loop.

What used to be a building, is now a pile of wood at Saints John

Wild Irishman Mine site

The trail on top of Glacier Ridge. The trail on the left is Deer Creek.

An old shack up on Glacier Ridge

I just love the look of winding trails along the ridge

Soon I made it to the T-intersection with the Deer Creek trail. I took a left and headed down to Montezuma, yet again.

Then I came across these guys…..Rocky Mountain Goats

This one stopped licking the rock for a minute to look at me as I approached…

…then went right back to licking the rock

This one was posing for me

Storm rolling in

Glacier Ridge from Deer Creek

Headed back down Deer Creek to Montezuma

To be continued…