Canyon Rims Overlooks

Our original plan was to head to Moab for a day trip on Saturday, but because of the wet and cold weather, we pushed it back until Sunday. We got an early start and headed south of town past La Sal Junction and took a right onto Looking Glass Road. There was still plenty of snow on the ground from the storm the previous day, so many of the roads we traveled were slick and muddy in spots.

Our first stop of the day was Looking Glass Arch. I climbed most of the way to the arch, but because this side of the rock was in the shade, there was plenty of ice to watch out for.

Continuing on down Eightmile Road we came across this dugout and we passed a few others along the way. The dugout in Eightmile Rock was currently being used by some ranchers when we went by, so we didn’t stop.

Eightmile Road

Soon we reached the road that heads out to the Anticline Overlook. When we reached the end and made the short hike, we were greeted with a great view down onto Hurrah Pass and into Kane Creek Canyon.

On our way back from the Anticline Overlook, we made a quick stop at Minor Overlook…

…and at Wine Glass Arch

Our next destination was the Canyonlands Overlook trail, which was a fun little trail. This overlook actually took us across the river from the White Rim trail where I had broken my leaf spring a week before…

On our way back out from this overlook, he trail crossed an expanse of slickrock filled with potholes that were full of water from the snowmelt.

I just had to stop and have some fun with my camera 😉

After all that fun, we made our way back to the paved road that took us to the Needles Overlook….where we got a good view over Canyonlands.

Hatch Point

Finally, our way back out to the highway we stopped by Jailhouse Rock

All in all, another great day trip. You can find the full gallery here.