3-D (Moab, UT)

The 3-D trail is easily one of my favorite trails near Moab. Much of the route is easy, but there are enough rough sections to keep it interesting. The trail was given the name 3-D because of the way it tours Hidden Canyon. First you drive through the canyon itself. Then you loop around to an overlook from the rim of Hidden Canyon. Finally you climb to an even higher overlook of the whole area, including Hidden Canyon.

The trail starts out on the Cotter Mine Road off of US 191 and makes it’s way past Tusher Tunnel to Bartlett Wash. From here you drop down into the spectacular Hidden Canyon and drive along a fun and sandy wash. After exiting Hidden Canyon, you will loop around through Lunar Canyon and some expanses of slickrock to the Hidden Canyon Overlook. You will pass an arch at ground level near the overlook, so keep on the lookout for that. Once you leave the overlook you will make your way over to Mean Hill. While this is not a difficult obstacle, it can be intimidating, as you are riding a narrow ‘hogback’ with dropoffs on each side of your vehicle. Soon you will reach Bartlett Overlook, which will offer outstanding views of Hidden Canyon and the area surrounding it.

I highly recommend anyone heading to Moab to check out this trail!

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GPS Tracks for the 3-D trail

3-D KML Track

 3-D GPX Track

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