Colorado Adventure 2009 – Marshall to Weston Pass

After finishing up Tomichi Pass at US Highway 50, we headed east a short ways towards Sargents and turned off to follow the old railroad grade over Marshall Pass.

Start of Marshall Pass

Easy road the whole way

An old foundation at the pass

We stopped and had some lunch up there

Headed back down to meet up with US Highway 285

We finished up earlier than planned, so we had plenty of time to check out a few more trails. We made our way north towards Fairplay to check out Browns and Breakneck Passes.

In the trees at the starts of Browns Pass

Old cabin ruins

More cabin ruins

Headed to Breakneck Pass along Sheep Creek

An old cabin near Breakneck Pass

Headed back down

Instead of hopping back on the highway, we took a right and headed west over Weston Pass

Some storm coulds in the distance

It rained for a short time but cleared up quickly

Soon we were back on the highway headed south. We ended up stopping at Jan’s in Buena Vista for some dinner before heading back to camp for the night. It was another great day.

That’s it for Day 2. Day 3 to come….