Colorado Adventure 2009 – Chinns Lake, Kingston Peak & More

On Saturday, Amanda and I got yet another early start and made our way up Fall River Road. Our first destination was Chinns Lake.

Sherwin Lake

End of the trail

Chinns Lake. This was a very popular place. There were many campers setup along the shore of the lake. You can see the smoke from a campfire.

An old cabin in Chinns Lake

An old mine along the way.

After making our way back to Fall River Road, we headed up through the town of Alice. Once we figured our way through the maze of roads there, we were soon on our way to Kingston Peak.

We stopped at the Rockhouse at the Loch Lomond Overlook.

The rock we would leave after Amanda added our names.

Our rock in place.

Loch Lomond

Further along the Kingston Peak trail

Shelf road headed down

When we reached Apex Road, we took a left and make a quick stop at the East Portal of the Moffat Tunnel (last time I was here to run Jenny Creek and Rollins Pass I didn’t take the time to check it out). After that we headed out to Rollinsville before heading to Moon Gulch. This turned out to be a very tight trail that was also pretty off-camber much of the way.

Start of Moon Gulch.

End of Moon Gulch shortly before reaching Gamble Gulch and Apex Road again.

Passing through Apex on our way to Central City.

After reaching Central City we took Oh My God Road (Virginia Canyon) back to Idaho Springs before heading to the Backcountry Brewery in Frisco for some dinner.

That’s it for Day 8. Only one more short day to go!