Tuffy Security Deck

With the warmer weather getting here, it’s almost time to put the soft top (which arrived on Tuesday) on my Jeep. With the soft top on, I was in need of finding some solution to help keep some of my gear more secure in the Jeep. During my searches I came across the Tuffy Security Deck that seems to be the perfect solution for me. Not only does it give me a second shelf in the back of the Jeep to help organize my gear on trips, it also is a steel enclosure that will help protect my gear when I am away from my Jeep. The nice thing about this security deck is that the top and the front of the enclosure quickly comes out if I need to put big and long items in the back of my Jeep (or if I want to sleep in the back).

The back of my Jeep to start with

The package from Tuffy that showed up yesterday. It shipped from Cortez, CO which is only 200 miles from here, however it traveled over 1800 miles to finally get here…

I didn’t take any pictures during the install, but here is the completed deck. The enclosure is completed when the tailgate is closed. The top deck cannot be removed while the tailgate is closed, so as long as the tailgate is locked, the enclosure is pretty secure.

Here’s the front of the enclosure. It matches the backs of the rear seats.

Top deck lifted up, and you can kind of see the side of the enclosure on the passenger side.

Drivers side support.

The enclosure also has these nice storage trays on each side for smaller items.

The top of the security deck meets the tailgate nicely when closed.

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