Trackbar Brace

Everyone who wheels an XJ finds out just how much force the trackbar bracket and unibody rail at that point needs to stand up to, as it usually becomes a trouble area. In order to help relieve that area of extra stress, I decided to build a trackbar brace (similar to what Rubicon Express offers) for my T&T trackbar and bracket. Here’s what the bracket looks like.

I started out by fitting a piece of 1/4″ angle to the side of the existing bracket, and drilling a hole for the existing bolt to help with alignment and tie it in better. I then welded this piece to the bracket.

It fit nicely.

So that I could easily remove the bracket if necessary, I made up another plate that would bolt to the new bracket.

I then bent up the piece of 1″ x .120″ HREW to fit, and welded both bolt on ends to it.

Then all that was left was to bolt it up (except of course painting it)

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