Tower Arch

Tower Arch (Moab, UT)

Tower Arch is a 4×4 trail located within the boundaries of Arches National Park. Taking this trail to see the Tower Arch is a great way to get away from the busier parts of the park during the Spring and Fall seasons. To reach this trail, you need to turn off the main park road at Salt Valley Road near Skyline Arch.

The beginning part of the trail and the end of the trail consists of some soft sandy sections. While the middle part of the trail is a bit rocky with some smaller ledges. Most 4×4 vehicles with decent ground clearance should not have any problems navigating this trail. Once you reach the end of the trail, there is an easy 0.3 mile hike to get to Tower Arch.

Unfortunately, the trail that heads to Balanced Rock from the Tower Arch trail was washed out and closed when I ran this trail. If that section ever opens again, you can take that trail over to see the Eye-of-the-Whale Arch as well.

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