The 4th in the Elks

Our original plan for today was to head on over Baxter Pass and explore the Book Cliffs. However, with all the rain we have been getting lately, the Uncompahgre trails were very muddy when I was up there yesterday and I’m sure the Book Cliffs would be the same. Plus, the Baxter Pass trail has some really nasty mud when it gets wet, so we decided to hold off on that one and wait until it dries out.

Since we are planning on heading to the San Juans next weekend, we decided to head over to the Elk Mountains for a day trip. Schofield Pass was still closed by snow so we ended up taking the road to Crystal and then looping back through Lead King Basin.

On to the photos!

Lizard Lake

Lost Horse Mill

Headed into Lead King Basin

Lead King Basin

It was a nice day, and we did not run into too much traffic. Certainly less than when we went to the San Juan Mountains last Independence Day.

One Response to “The 4th in the Elks”

  • Gerald Says:

    Dude! Nice trails. I would really like to get up to Lost Horse Mill someday. It’s preety awesome that it just hangs there over the creek.