Smittybilt Neoprene Seat Covers

Seat covers were something I was thinking about adding to my Jeep to help protect the stock seats from rain, dirt and UV rays, but I really hadn’t been planning on buying them anytime soon. That was until I found a pretty good deal on the Smittybilt Neoprene seat covers. They look to be a pretty good deal and have all of the features I was looking for including the headrest pads (to cover up those hard plastic headrests), map pockets on the back, and they are even compatible with my side airbags.

When they arrived yesterday, I wanted to test just how waterproof they were and dumped some water onto one of the covers. It pooled up and I let it sit there for at least 30 minutes and it never soaked through to the other side. I had time after work today to install them. They were a little tricky to install, but not too difficult. The quality seemed to be pretty good, as I found no issues with any of the seams and the fit was pretty good overall. I guess we’ll see how well they hold up to the elements when I start running around with my top down more often…

Front covers just out of the box. (Yes, I got the black and charcoal color.)

Drivers seat on

Compared to the stock seat

Fronts done.

Back seat done


I’ll be picking up the new front bumper and front skidplate next week in Moab during EJS. Then I can install both of them and my winch and my JK should be pretty much done for a while 🙂

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