Salt Creek Canyon

Salt Creek Canyon (Moab, UT)

Salt Creek Canyon is a short trail in the Needles section of Canyonlands National Park. It used to be a much longer trail that you could take to see Angel Arch, however in July 2004 the National Park Service closed much of the trail to motorized travel. The only section of the trail still open leads to the Peekaboo campsite. Peekaboo is a small campsite, but also very nice. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a place to camp in the Needles district.

Much of the Salt Creek Canyon trail is deep soft sand with a few sections of deep water (depending on recent rains). Horse Canyon, another trail located in the Needles district is also accessed from this trail. If you are planning on checking out this trail or camping at Peekaboo, make sure you get a permit from the visitor’s center first. You will also need to get the combination to the padlock so you can access the trail. The NPS does limit the number of vehicles that can drive this trail each day.

If you were hoping to check out Angel Arch, you will need to park your vehicle near the Peekaboo campground and hike the remaining 7 miles to the arch.

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