Mounting 10lb CO2 Tank

After receiving my 10lb CO2 tank from Formatt Fabrications and getting it filled, I needed to find a place to mount it. After some searching around, I decided that I liked the way that Brian at mounted his. I took a few more pics of my install that I thought others could benefit from if they decide to do the same thing, which is why I made this tech article.

Here’s what you start out with.

First I got some bolts that fit in the existing holes for the tire carrier support (I had lost mine a while back, otherwise I would have used those).

Unfortunately, none of the holes in the mounting bracket lined up, so I had to drill two new holes near the bottom.

Next I took an angle bracket I had laying around…..

….and cut it down to the proper length.

Next I bolted this angle bracket to the top part of the spare tire support that sticks out through the plastic trim.

Then I bolted the bracket up to these 3 locations.

All that’s left to do is put the tank in the bracket, and you are set!

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