Moab and the La Sal Mountains

Amanda and I headed to Moab this weekend so that I could pre-run the trail I am leading in October for the 25th Anniversary event and get it into my GPS.

Here’s some pictures from the weekend.

The Klondike Bluffs in the distance

There are a number of dinosaur tracks in the slickrock

Remnants of an old copper mine

Heading down the slickrock

On our way back from Klondike Bluffs we took part of the Copper Ridge trail back to the highway and then stopped by the Gemini Bridges on our way back to Moab.

La Sals in the distance from the Gemini Bridges road

The Gemini Bridges

Gooney Bird Rock

After making it back to town, we stopped at a local book store (more on the books I picked up in a later post this week) and then had dinner at Zax (Pizza and Beer Cheese Soup) , before heading up to our campsite at Lake Oowah in the La Sal Mountains.

Lake Oowah

Sunday morning we did a little exploring in the La Sal’s before heading back home. We started off by heading up Miners Basin and then we went for a short hike at the end of the trail.

Creek in Miners Basin

View of Castle Valley from Miners Basin’s switchbacks

After making our way around to the other side of the La Sal’s we headed up into Beaver Basin

Headed towards Beaver Basin

We stopped at Don’s lake on our way to Beaver Basin

Remains of an old cabin along the trail

Manns Peak in the distance

After making our way back down out of Beaver Basin we jumped back on the Gateway Road and headed back to GJ.

The rest of the pictures can be found in the gallery here.