La Sal Pass

La Sal Pass (Moab, UT)

Looking to beat the heat during the summer in Moab? Then La Sal Pass is a trail that you should check out. The scenery along this trail is much different than most of the other trails located in the Moab area. Instead of red rocks and desert terrain, this trail climbs into the La Sal Mountains which are covered in lush mountain forest.

While this trail is not very difficult, I would recommend a high clearance 4×4 vehicle for this trail. There are a number of tight turns and very narrow sections on the East side of the pass. There is also a talus slope section that was kind of cool to drive across. Once you reach the pass and continue down the West side, the trail turns into an easy road that any passenger vehicle can handle. If you do not have a vehicle equipped for the East side, you could come in from the West side and drive to the pass.

La Sal Pass makes for a great loop through the La Sal Mountains when combined with Geyser Pass. There are also a number of other side trails to explore in the area. When you arrive at the pass, there is an excellent view of Mount Peale, the highest peak in the La Sals.

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