Klondike Bluffs

Klondike Bluffs (Moab, UT)

Klondike Bluffs is a moderate trail north of Moab that is not as popular as some of the other trails in the area. Because of this, you won’t encounter many other vehicles out of the trail usually. There is a large network of roads in the area that you can spend countless hours exploring.

Some of the highlights of this trail include some dinosaur tracks imprinted into the slickrock that are located right next to the trail. There is also a copper mine located on a short spur road at the end of the trail that you can check out and explore. This trail dead ends at the Arches National Park boundary, where you can hike up a little ways and get some great views of the Klondike Bluffs.

The start of this trail is an easy graded road, but does get a little rougher with a soft sandy wash, some narrow rocky sections of trail, and a medium sized crack in the slickrock that must be crossed. Any stock 4×4 with decent ground clearance should be able to handle this trail. After completing the trail, there is a connection road that you can take to get to the Tower Arch trail inside of Arches, plus you can follow the Copper Ridge trail nearby.

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Klondike Bluffs KML Track
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